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Order SIM card with postpaid tariffs

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The 3TON and Subscriber hereby conclude the Subscriber’s contract. Its content is set by the Subscriber’s contract, the applicable Rules and Terms of 3TON network services and the current pricelist

The Subscriber uniquely confirms, that he accepts and acquaints with the “Rules and Terms” of 3TON s.r.o. Subscriber will be provided telecommunications services in accordance with the agreement of both parties.  The Subscriber engages to read the service’s terms, which will activate during the validity period of Subscriber’s contract, and the terms of activated services are becoming a nonshared part of this Subscriber’s contract at the moment of activation this service. Subscriber’s contract between 3TON and the Subscriber is set for indefinite duration. The Subscriber is agree for using his information be the 3TON s.r.o.

The Subscriber is agree to provide the information about his payment’s history that is necessary to conclude the Subscriber’s contract.

The contract is valid after activation the SIM card in 3TON network.

I agree with Terms and Conditions

Total amount of the month fee 25CZK

Tariff: Home 25

Monthly Fee